Banking Sector Sales


Banking sector has started utilizing digital channels to collect data to be used for marketing and to understand the consumers’ needs and behaviour better and to provide them better services. The banking sector has lots of restrictions, changes, uncertainties and laws. They face multiple challenges, with customers demanding personalized experiences.

Promotion and marketing in general is a big part of any bank of financial institution. They rely on their promotional material in order to sustain their reputation, which to a bank is everything. This comes through in many ways, especially when dealing with financial and insurance policies. They take special care when creating graphs, logos and other visualizations.
Not only is the information supposed to reassure the potential customer, the content, layout and colours are also supposed to illicit trust and loyalty. Slogans, branding and campaign advertising is often very conservative and well thought out so that they do not damage their trustworthiness. Getting the business of younger people and younger urban executives is now a more competitive business, as they know that people tend to stick with one bank once they have settled on their choice.

  • 1. Promotion oriented marketing comprehension
  • 2. Marketing comprehension based on having close relations for customers
  • 3. Reformist marketing comprehension
  • 4. Marketing comprehension that focused on specializing in certain areas
  • 5. Research, planning and control oriented marketing comprehension