Marketing Solutions


Maximize marketing impact by making data driven decisions around strategic branding, optimizing marketing spend, and personalizing consumer messages

Brij Krishna excels at creating residential and B2B marketing strategies. We offer a wide variety of services that cater to specific marketing needs or tailored business solutions such as sales, appointment setting and lead generation. we offer a wide variety of services from full marketing engagements.

Marketing Solutions provides a full-range of research, planning, branding and advertising services for public, private and nonprofit organizations committed to achieving breakthrough growth.
Marketing Solutions solves this problem by helping marketers personalize their marketing initiatives, optimize brand positioning, and make data-driven decisions based on ROI projections. We survey consumers and analyze internal sales and marketing spend data to provide transparency into significant topline growth opportunities and marketing budget savings.

Personalized Marketing

Rapidly form a single view of an individual profile, customize their scoring model, deploy multichannel feedback, and determine optimal buying occasions to offer a fully customized customer experience

Marketing Strategy & Branding

Gain an in-depth understanding of the customer decision journey and gather insights on brand performance and perception both in the wider market and specific segments

Marketing Performance

Simulate and optimize marketing-spend allocation across brands, geographies, and marketing instruments to maximize Marketing ROI